Mound is a global phenomenon, one that is woven throughout all cultures across time. Mounds are not only natural depositories for memories and other bits of discarded humanity, but they are a way for us to build a collective psycho­emotional hierarchy, as well as a way to describe an individual’s intuitive profile. A culture’s temperature can also be recorded through it’s architectural Mounds. For instance, the pyramids, burial mounds, and geodesic architectures are all counted as Mounds and all of them are ergonomically engineered to fit the psyche of a culture. Why are we so drawn to this form? We are all Mounds. On a deeper level, Mounds are museums of taste, archives of thoughts, ideas, memories, talismanic output, and other object­hood. Mound is a way to live.

I arrived at this way of singularly describing human intuition and tendencies through observing my own tendencies. I’m a collector of objects. Collecting for me is tactile and analog. There is a measurable reward in obtaining and organizing material. Mounds of information have plagued me my whole life. I have a photographic memory. This aids me as an artist who’s interested in describing things, but it has made me heavy, sluggish, turgid. My paintings are an effort to release some of this stored information thus temporarily lightening my load. The necessity to defragment and off­load information is offset by my incessant need to order said information into something coherent, to continually develop a thesis of the compiled memories, ideas, and detritus. This is where narrative comes into play. I imagine my narratives as information emptying onto one path from a dozen other loaded tributaries.

This traffic jam of information piles up and forms a very specific kind of ganglionic unit, one that has a structural integrity, one that has gained the ability to store, process, and broadcast information, one that has a broad base and tapers upward to a point. At it’s apex, a heart­brain has formed. The total form is the Mound. Mound is a way to describe my varying bodies of work. Mound is a way to describe whats at the nucleus of the work and also describes the moons that satellite my work. I’ve come to see the world this way, and nothing has ever made more sense to me. I was born with this ability to order things, and it fascinates me. Imagine the internet before there was such a thing, and this is what I’m trying to describe; the interconnectedness of all people throughout the course of history or the grand attempt to catalog such a thing. Beings that emanate a life energy and have a conscious awareness qualify as Mounds, but this description is not the only one.